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Provides safe and effective solutions for mosquito control that comply with local and federal regulations and are registered with the EPA. Our natural mosquito treatment is non-toxic, non-synthetic, and aromatic, making it an excellent alternative to chemical mosquito repellents.

Similar to our Barrier Protection Treatment, our natural solution effectively repels mosquitoes and ticks, but the frequency of recommended treatments differs. For our natural mosquito treatment, we recommend re-treating your property every 14-21 days to ensure long-lasting protection against mosquitoes.

Our natural mosquito repellent eliminates mosquitoes on contact and establishes a robust defense against them by treating areas where they breed, hide, and feed. Our recipe consists entirely of essential oils, giving it a natural fragrance that many find pleasing. It continues to defend against ticks and mosquitoes for up to 2 weeks, making it a more effective natural option than store-bought repellents.

Using our natural mosquito repellent offers many benefits, including being free of DEET and safer for the whole family, giving off a pleasant fragrance, and being water-based rather than alcohol-based. Additionally, our plant-based mosquito recipe significantly mitigates the likelihood of allergic reactions for sensitive individuals.

After applying our natural mosquito treatment, you can be outdoors in just 30 minutes without worrying about adverse health effects for your family and pets. NoSquito's commitment to providing expert mosquito control services that prioritize the wellbeing of the environment, pollinators, foliage, and humans makes it the perfect choice for environmentally conscious individuals.

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