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To minimize the risk of encountering ticks on your property, consider contacting the tick control experts at NoSquito. Our licensed and trained professionals can provide you with valuable tick control tips to keep your yard tick-free.

Clearing out debris from areas where ticks thrive, such as moist and shady spots, can help reduce your tick exposure. Additionally, eliminating leaf litter and mowing tall grass can make your yard less appealing to ticks.

Selecting plants and shrubs that are unappealing to deer, as well as installing physical barriers to prevent deer from entering your yard, can also help keep ticks at bay. Be sure to consult with a local nursery for plant suggestions that deter deer.

Knowing where ticks like to hide, such as fences, brick walls, and patio retaining walls, and inspecting those areas frequently can help you spot and remove ticks.

Keeping your pets and livestock treated with tick repellents and regularly checking them for ticks can also prevent ticks from entering your home.

Finally, seeking professional help from a tick control expert like NoSquito can provide you with additional advice and services, such as tick spraying or setting up tick tubes, to eliminate ticks before they become a problem.

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